Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Beginning

In approximately one year (give or take 3 days) I will get married to my Turkish fiance in his hometown in Turkey.  In one year I will be legally part-Turkish.  The countdown has begun!

So why am I writing this blog?
Over the past two years I have studied Turkish in both informal and formal classes, but for this next year I will be going solo.  This blog will document the journey of language and lifestyle learning as I become a little more Turkish.  I will scavenge the internet for Turkish language and cultural resources.  I will tackle the continually growing pile of books that I've acquired on Turkish culture, history, language and travel.  I plan to write about what I learn and what I think - commentary on the differences between Turkish and American lifestyles will most likely squirm its way into the mixture.

Please feel free to comment and create a conversation.

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