Friday, July 6, 2012

Language: Turkish Word of the Day

Studying in smaller increments may work on some days when the mind feels fresh and engaged, but for me, when I tried to study Turkish in the middle of work, I found it challenging to switch from a work related task.  I was looking at vocabulary and suffixes, but my head was still firing in Excel mode.  It didn't work out so well.  Then there were the days that I simply forgot that I wanted to study and kept myself busy doing other things.  On those days I remembered to open my Turkish book after the sunset, once my "real" work was off my mind and at that point in the day I am semi-comatose anyways, so studying a language isn't really a good option. 

However, one small thing that has helped me everyday is the Turkish Word of the Day.  You can sign up here, on the Transparent Languages website.  Every morning I get an email with the word of the day and a rather complex sentence to put the word in context.  There is a recording to hear how the word and sentence is pronounced.  It's a pretty good tool for a lazy language learner.  On those days when I already know the highlighted word I spend more time trying to understand how the sentence was put together.  It's a fun little exercise while I'm eating my toast and drinking coffee.  I suggest you try it!


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