Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A little note...

It's been a while since I've visited this space. You may have noticed that starting late last spring, my posts started to dwindle.  I realized that I could not longer try to be a super woman in all aspects of my life - something had to give.  So I gave up the blog for the time being.  I focused on getting married, transitioning to a new and healthier lifestyle, and just keeping up with my school work. 

I didn't forget the blog.  After our wedding and during our incredible honeymoon, I made mental notes of things I wanted to share.  Like the beautiful "secret" beaches we found when driving along the Mediterranean coast, or the joy we found in Fethiye, and the great times we had dancing to Turkish music at our henna night and Turkish wedding.  Yet, as soon as I returned back to the US - life took over.  I was consumed with moving house, enjoying life with my husband, and I faced the reality of the work I needed to put in to (one day) finish my PhD. 

The blog drifted further into the back of my mind and I decided to put it off…

I really hadn't given it much thought and I mostly took a full-reprieve from the blogosphere for several months.  Then, about a week ago, the forces that be seemed to draw me back in.  My husband made a batch of (gluten-free) aşure to celebrate the Muslim holy month of Muharrem.  I found myself browsing for Elif Shafak novels at the library and now I am fully immersed in the pages of "Honor"*.  Then to my surprise I found that three new comments had been left on my blog in the past week.  I realized that a blog cannot be put to sleep - we may abandon it, neglect it and refuse to feed it with our words, but it lives on (something that is both wonderful and scary at the same time). 

So, I pondered as I started making the daily pot of Turkish tea, should I revive my writing?  Should I let out all that creative energy that I had stuffed down inside? 

I worry that if I return my energy will not be enough to go around.  Perhaps the surge of productivity I have been experiencing in my work life will diminish when I try to spread the love back to my blog.  Maybe I worry too much…

For now I am going to honor the energy that encouraged me to write and I'm going to post this ramble, with a non-binding promise to return and write more often.    

A beautiful bowl of gluten-free aşure.

*I have since finished "Honor" by Elif Shafak - another great novel with an incredible story and message to share.  Highly recommended!


  1. Welcome back! I love the creative outlet and the people I meet from my blog. I also find that writing helps me when I am stressed, and I don't always public everything. :-) Maybe you just need to write for yourself?


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