Sunday, December 30, 2012

Taking Time for the Setting Sun and Emerging Thoughts

These days I am trying to see the reason in all that happens, or at least to find the silver lining on stormy days.  This week of sickness in Turkey is no exception.  I have tried to avoid feeling sorry for myself by appreciating this down time.  While I do get a bit antsy after a full day indoors, I am trying to take this time to rest and relax.

After one of the worst days of my stomach issues, where I had spent almost the entire morning and afternoon in bed, H. called me to come look at the setting sun from the kitchen window.  We sat and watched the city as the colors changed behind the mountains.  

The early colors of the setting sun
(Photo by Turklish)

We watched the cars drive by with men and women returning home for dinner or perhaps heading out to visit friends or family.  We watched the women on the sidewalk waiting for the bus with their recent purchases in hand and pairs of men walking side by side with their matching long strides.  

Me enjoying the view
(Photo by Turklish)

As we watched this city of Kahramanmaras, we thought about our future life in Turkey and what it might be like.  Would we really want to live in a big city with millions of people and horrible traffic?  Or would we rather live in a city like Maras?  Maras, a city of about 400,000 where traffic is relatively mild, but opportunities are limited. 

Or perhaps we thought, can we find our sweet spot in a mid-sized city in Turkey?  Can we find a balance of chaos and culture?  Well, this questions will not be answered for some time to come.  I'll just have to accept that and stop worrying about the future.  For now I'll enjoy these beautiful sunsets along with many sweet glasses of çay.

The last colors of the day - not a bad place to ponder life's big questions.
(Photo by Turklish)

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